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Batteries & Electrical

Batteries & Electrical

We all know that sound! Slow cranking engine. Dimming headlights. Buzzing. Many times, this indicates a problem with your vehicle’s starting and charging system. And it may just be the battery.

Battery Replacement

The car battery is required for the electrical charge needed to start the rest of the electrical system.  If you experience problems with starting your vehicle or maintaining its power even after trying a jump start, then allow our service staff to perform a starting and charging system check on your vehicle today.

Our technicians at Fausak Tires & Service will test your battery and give you a report of its capability before it dies.  If a new battery is needed, we will install the right replacement battery for your vehicle and driving environment.

We recommend and install Interstate Batteries – America’s Number One Replacement Brand.  You can trust that our skilled technicians will have your new battery installed and you back on the road quickly.


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