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Belts / Hoses

Belts / Hoses

Belts and hoses are often considered a repair item and are often overlooked in preventive maintenance. The truth is they are some of the fastest wearing parts in your car and when they fail, they can stop you in your tracks.

To help ward off these sudden failures, Fausak Tires & Service will check your belts and hoses when we perform our complimentary MoreserviceSM vehicle inspection and if we recommend replacement, we can do that for you at an affordable price.


If you’ve ever looked under the hood of your car, you’ve seen a maze of hoses all around the engine running here and there and disappearing. Some hoses transfer fluid to keep the engine cool and systems running, and others to warm the air to keep for your comfort in the winter. These hoses are made of flexible rubber and over time can degrade from the inside making it difficult to detect. We recommend replacing hoses at about every 50,000 miles and they should be checked for cracks, breaks, or dryness frequently.

Serpentine Belts

Serpentine belts, also called drive belts, provide power major components like the air conditioning, the water pump, the power steering pump, the alternator and more. If the belt breaks, the car may still run but many functional components would be disabled making it difficult to operate and you run the risk of overheating, which is never a good thing. The ASE Certified technicians at Fausak Tires & Service recommend for the serpentine belt to be inspected routinely and replaced at 50,000 miles intervals.

Timing Belts

Many vehicles are equipped with a timing belt and it is a critical component of your vehicle’s engine and is also made of rubber. The timing belt allows the crankshaft to turn the camshaft which opens and closes the valves in synchrony with the engine’s pistons. Simply put, it synchronizes the moving parts of the engine and if it breaks, the engine will stop immediately. This can cause major damage to the engine. While it’s possible the timing belt could last up to 100,000 miles, be sure the belt is inspected often. Trust the experienced technicians at Fausak Tires & Service for this intricate and complex job.


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