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Cooling & Radiator Service

Cooling & Radiator

Your car’s cooling system is designed to keep the engine running at an optimal operating temperature. If it fails the engine could overheat causing major damage and an expensive repair bill. At Fausak Tires & Service, our trained professionals can diagnose and repair any problem you have with your cooling system, including the radiator, water pump, thermostats, and related components.

How does the cooling system work?

Most cars today use a fluid cooling system.  In this system, the coolant mixture (also known as anti-freeze) flows in and out of the engine block via the water pump.  A thermostat checks the temperature and once the operating temperature is reached, the coolant is routed through the radiator where the heat is dissipated into the air before the fluid returns to the pump and back to the engine.  This helps maintain the correct operating temperature and allows the engine to run more efficiently.


How can I avoid cooling system trouble?

All cars and trucks require routine maintenance of the cooling system to ensure that it is able to properly regulate the temperature of the engine.  While it is critical to have the system checked at the first sign of trouble, having the system serviced regularly is the best way to avoid costly, unexpected and inconvenient breakdowns.  As part of our MoreServiceSM Vehicle Inspection, Fausak Tires & Service technicians will visually inspect your cooling system hoses for wear and leaks, and inspect the belts, water pump and fan operation.

What do you do during cooling system service?

Coolant Flush

The first step is to perform a Coolant Flush.  This procedure forcefully removes the old coolant mixture and the contaminants within that are damaging to the system and the engine. Simply draining the fluid from the radiator can leave much of the original fluid in the engine.

Cooling System Treatment

Next, we will clean and condition the cooling system to remove rust deposits and to protect metal surfaces from corrosion.

Thermostat Check

If the vehicle has high mileage, we may suggest to replace the thermostat.  The thermostat is an inexpensive part but when it fails could result in overheating.


Our technician will make a thorough inspection of the cooling systems hoses and other parts to identify any potential troubles. If a problem or possible problem is present, they will inform the owner of the vehicle and suggest repairs.


Once any replacement parts are installed the system will be refilled with the proper antifreeze/water mixture, allowing you to get back on the road without having to worry about overheating due to an insufficient flow in your cooling system.

Cooling System Service


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