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Tire Repairs

Tire Repairs

Flat tires are a common thing in South Alabama. Beside the things you see and try to avoid there are many you can’t see that can find their way into your tire. When you have a flat tire, rest assured that our trained professionals will do everything possible to get you safely back on the road.

At Fausak Tires & Service, we strictly follow the guidelines set forth by TIA (Tire Industry Association) on tire repair.  Your safety, and that of everyone sharing the road and your ride is paramount.

The TIA Guidelines state that the acceptable puncture repair area is only in the crown of the tire (shown below in green).  It is approximately 1”- 1½” in from each shoulder of the tire.  Any puncture or damage outside of the crown is considered non-repairable and the tire should not be placed back into service.

Our MoreService Tire Repair includes:

  • Dismount Tire from Wheel
  • Inspect Tire for Damage
  • Safely Repair with Patch Plug from Inside
  • Remount Tire and Adjust Air Pressure
  • Rebalance Tire

Flat Repair


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