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Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is a process that resolves imbalances in tire and wheel assembly so that it rolls evenly at high speeds and provides a smoother ride and prevents wear on the tires and other parts.

Standard Wheel Balancing

Our standard wheel balance service will solve most imbalances between the tire and wheel. Your Fausak Tire Technicians will use a high-speed computer balancer to pinpoint the precise location of the imbalances in your assembly. Appropriate weights are affixed to the wheel assembly at the determined location and the balance rechecked. Once balanced, the wheel assembly is remounted to the vehicle.

Standard Wheel Balance

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Premium Road Force Balance

Modern day tires are not only larger in diameter, but come with a much lower profile (i.e. shorter and stiffer sidewall).  This can sometimes mean that what used to be a minor balancing problem is now magnified and you are more likely to feel it in your ride.   If you are experiencing excessive vibrations or a tire pull that can’t be solved with standard balancing, then you may benefit from Road Force Balancing.  Where a typical computerized balancer identifies the location and weight needed to balance a spinning tire at highway speeds, the Road Force Balancer goes one step further.  It applies “road forces” to the tire and wheel, meaning it actually simulates the force of the road by applying pressure to the tire and wheel assembly.  This facilitates a more perfectly matched tire and wheel assembly, and consequently a smoother ride. At Fausak Tires & Service, we use the state-of-the-art Hunter Road Force Balancer at all locations to correct these issues and to return you to the quality ride you expect.

Premium Road Force Balancing

Tires today are not only larger in diameter, but come with a much narrower and stiffer sidewall. This can sometimes magnify a minor imbalance and cause a significant vibration.

Road Force Balance


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